Back to the 'bolo'

The return

It is 5:00 in the morning. Tonight I had gone to bed a little later than usual. Three hours later, back in the living room... okay.

Mmmm. I'm living a momemtum of freedom, after two years of a sort of feudalist slavery within the Netarquical Capitalism.

Enjoy, says a warm voice in the distance.

I will do my best to avoid going back to the Matrix... it was consuming me internally.

And now? (...)

It's time for ...

... improve personal sovereignty. In October it will be two years since I was forced to give up 40 hours a week in exchange for a salary.

From the first day, the needs that were there were covered (finding a haven to shelter us from the storm that had begun in 2008 and was beginning to reach our necks).

I begin to put into practice the mental map that I have been imagining...

I have transmuted, sometimes I manifest myself as a small 🐜...